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Goldie and Papi's Story



Goldie was a rescue dog from the Oakland Shelter. We adopted her when she
was 2 months old. I always would go to shelters and look, but the moment
she caught my eye - I knew she was ours. She was a loved family member who
stole our hearts and all those who met her. Before adopting her - I can not
say I ever thought of owning a Pitbull. My parents hated that I got one and
she was going to be around their grandson (he was one). But she quickly won
them over and everyone she met. The only thing dangerous about her was her
tail when she was excited. She loved ALL animals (cats, dogs, birds,
snakes, rabbits, ferrets). She would assist me when I had bottle baby
kittens by cleaning them and cuddling with them. She dressed up and would
trick or treat each year with my son. She was included in family portraits.
She battled cancer & had a tumor removed when she was about 10, and
recovered well. Up until her last year (14 years) she was still her normal
self. Her favorite thing was fetch & swimming. She loved to
take hikes and be on your side.



Papi was a rescue cat from the Pinole Shelter. We adopted him as a
kitten. When we adopted him he was with his litter mates (the mom was feral
and they had put her down). The technician probably was annoyed with us
because they all looked alike but we wanted him & the guy kept grabbing the
wrong kitten. But right from the start - he called out to us and boy was he
a perfect match. He was too small to be fixed, so we paid an additional
deposit until he was fixed. He was best friends with Goldie, they were like
two peas in a pod. Papi acted more like the dog than Goldie did. They slept
together & played together. Papi loved to sit in the window & sun bathe. He
enjoyed to go out in the yard and lay. Since he was a fluffy guy he got
periodic baths and allowed that. It is safe to say he was the man of the
house. Papi was fearless and would never run from dogs. He passed away at 13.





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